Friday, January 28, 2011

Epic Cosplay Wigs

So is one of my favorite wig sites to get things from. Although they don't have a huge selection of styles or colors, the quality of the wigs is always consistent. They tend to be thick, soft, and all are heat resistant, so they can be styled with curlers, or straightening irons. The shipping is included in the price, which is great if you're getting one or two, however if you're ordering more you may be able to find a cheaper rate else where. Most of the wigs cost around 35$, which certainly isn't as cheap as some places on ebay however, many times I'm more likely to buy from epic because I know the quality is good, where as ordering from many ebay sellers can be hit or miss. I have also found their photos to be color accurate to how the wigs look when worn.
Wigs featured in this review: Raspberry pink and white.

And Below is a short video of the wig in action. Ignore me ...

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

First Post!

So hey! I wanted to start a blog to tie in with the site, where I could post tutorials, tips and tricks for other cosplayers, as well as progress photos of the stuff I'm working on and behind the scenes stuff.
I'm hoping this will become a good resource for people just getting into cosplay and even a spot for people who have been cosplaying for awhile to learn something new.

So a bit about me. I'm Alexandra, also known as Shmee or Peachykiki. I studied fashion design at Columbia College and have been making silly costumes in a more serious manner for about six years now.
I enjoy comics, games, art, and other forms of geekery. I have a pet hedgehog named Sir Hedgeworth who wishes we'd all take him more seriously and stop tickling his belly (but that's never going to happen).

I started my costume commission business in the spring of 2010 and have since then been enjoying seeing my creations at other cons at events around the world.
I also enjoy going to cons and events myself.

Anyhow! Later this week I will be posting my first annual cosplay related post: "Epic Cosplay Wig Review"
and next week "Simple Makeup for Conventions!"

I'll be trying to make posts every Friday with either a written post and/or a video.
Look forward to it!

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