Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Orders shipped today

So I have 4 orders shipped out today:

Etsy order:  #28056500 Ironette set for Cat
Ironette Belt w/ buckle for Jessica
Ironette Buckle for Jill
and last but not least Ironette light for Lara

Ladies should be receiving your packages sometime next week, remember to leave feedback and thank you so much for your business!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Commissions and vinyl sewing tips!

After surviving the mid west blizzard of last week I've been playing catch up on all my work here in the studio. This little Ironette costume is almost ready to go to her new home!

So today's sewing tip is a some pointers on how to work with vinyl/PVC/ faux leather.
Vinyl can be sewn on a home machine, its just a bit different than working with standard materials. Firstly, you can not, or rather should not pin it in place. Doing this will put holes in the vinyl. Instead, use small clips, such as binder clips found at office supply stores. These can be clipped to the edge of the fabric to keep it in place while you work. When cutting out your pattern you can mark with chalk on the opposite side of the fabric, or use weights to hold your pattern in place, instead of pinning it to the fabric.
You will want to ensure you are using a 'leather' needle, these needles are specially shaped to pierce the skin of the leather while sewing. Also use a slightly wider stitch length than normal. 
Most importantly however, you will want to purchase a rolling foot or teflon foot for your sewing machine. A regular foot will cause the vinyl to stick, leading to puckers and possibly tears in the material. A teflon or rolling foot will help the vinyl to move smoothly through the machine.
With a bit of practice and these tricks you'll find yourself able to sew faux leather garments like a pro!
Peachy out!