Thursday, March 3, 2011

Peachy's Guide: Con Survival

So! I recently had a first time con goer ask me how to prepare for their first con experience and I thought that would make a good topic for this week's blog.
So here's my con survival list!

1. Pack an empty bag, or pack sparingly.
- For me this is always really important, as a cosplayer, because often costumes require special packing and take up lots of space. Depending on the con there may be airline regulations or car space to consider as well. So do some research ahead of time. Also consider if you will be buying anything at the con that you will need room on the trip home for, such a comics, figurines, etc. If you do cosplay, you'll likely be in costume most of the time, so pack light on the 'normal' clothes.

2. Pack a costume emergency kit
- Another tip for the cosplayer on the go! I always take with me to cons a little baggy with a mini hot glue gun, safety pins, sewing kit, super glue and depending on my costumes, possibly other things as well. That way if anything is damaged for ANY reason during the con, I'll be able to make a quick fix. Often times I'll take the sewing kit and safety pins in a small bag in my purse or pocket to the con as well in case I have any problems and don't want to go back to my hotel room.

3. Bring snacks, water, and some non-perishable food items
- Depending on the con food may be far away or very over priced. If I can fit it in my suitcase I like to bring along small food items like crackers, cereal, pop tarts, energy bars, and other dry foods. If the con is near by and I'm driving with friends, we like to bring along a cooler with sandwich making materials, ramen noodles or other 'quick' foods. You can fill the cooler with the hotel ice and heat water with the coffee maker in the room. Doing this will save you lots of money on over priced con food or going out to eat. Money which can then be spent on more comics? SCORE!

4. Bring cash
- Cash is something a lot of us don't think about in the age of credit cards and debit cards, BUT most con vendors and artists do their sales cash only. To avoid long ATM lines and surcharges, bring cash in anticipation of what you plan to buy.

5. Be safe, make friends and have fun!

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  1. I havent had costumes fall apart yet, but I do agree people should totally bring emergency kits.

    Also, for anyone who's reading. I 100% agree with her that you should bring cash. The lines at the ATM at the cons I've been to so far have been horrible. I once waited for 30 minutes, and ended missing a panel I really wanted to attend... So definitely cash.

    Also bringing something to drink EVERY DAY at the con, whether you're cosplaying or not is very important. I would suggest a diet soda or something with a hint of sugar in it but not too much. It'll definitely keep you going throughout the day.